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Beach Wedding Reception Favor Ideas
April 17, 2015
Are you having a lovely Wedding by the sea at sunset? Many couples choose to tie the knot on one of the most relaxing places-the beach. Beach Weddings are beautiful and have a casual, yet formal feel to them. Although you may be busy planning every other aspect of the Wedding, there will come a time when you need to sit down and think about what type of wedding favors you want to give out.

Why Hand Out Wedding Favors?

Wedding favors are fun and exciting. They give your guests something to remember the Wedding by. When choosing the type of wedding favor to hand out, you want to choose something that represents you and your Wedding.

For instance, you don't want to hand out a sailboat favor if you are having a formal Winter Wonderland Wedding. The same goes with your beach theme. There are many beach themed wedding favors you can choose from. Consider the following favors for your wedding tables.

Types of Favors

1. Place Card Holders

Many Brides and Grooms opt-in to have Place Card Holders on the table with the guests' names in them. The place card holder can usually double as a photo holder after the ceremony is over. Your guests can use the photo/place card holders in their home or in their office.

2. Key Chains and Bookmarks

If you are looking for a favor that your guests can use on a daily basis, consider giving them a Keychain or even a Bookmark. You can choose designs that are in-synch with your wedding theme. For instance, you can give your guests a sand dollar shaped bookmark or a flip flop shaped keychain.

3. Bottle Stopper or Bottle Opener

Your guests will enjoy receiving either a Bottle Opener or a Bottle Stopper. If you know that many of your guests enjoy having wine or beer occasionally, then these will make the perfect gift. You can purchase styled bottle openers and stoppers to help keep the beach theme in mind. Palm trees, flip flops, shells, and sailboats are all perfect designs.

4. Coasters

Coasters are a great addition to any beach themed wedding and double as the perfect favor for guests to take home. The coasters can be styled however you want them to fit in with the wedding theme. From sand dollars to star fish, you are sure to find perfect coasters for your guests.

5. Candy Bags

Beach themed Candy Bags are ideal favors as well. You can choose cute paper bags with beach themed colors and designs. Fill up the candy bags with different shaped candies and you are all set.

The type of favors you choose for your Wedding should reflect the type of Wedding you are having. There are many perfect beach themed favors to fit in with your daytime or sunset Wedding. Consider your guests personal tastes first and then go with the majority. Choosing something that can be consumed or used in everyday life makes the perfect favors.
Beach Wedding Reception Favor IdeasBeach Wedding Reception Favor Ideas